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“What else can you use on the panels to enhance the natural colour?”

Answer: I have not found anything to work well, that’s why I only use The Bamboo Treatment. Buy it now online!
I have tried other products like Marine Varnish but found that it did not hold on to the bamboo because the bamboo surface won’t absorb the varnish – after about 5 months it started to peel, the only way I could fix this was to strip the varnish off.
I originally used linseed oil and turpentine but found after time that mold would get to it, also in the hot weather it would go soft and sticky creating sap-like spots that discolored the surface. (Please note that these are just things that I have found while working with the product).

Bamboo Logistics cannot highlight enough how important it is to maintain all the bamboo products correctly. While testing and trialing different products on the surface of the bamboo, we learned a lot about preserving the colour on this non-porous surface.
As bamboo is not absorbent, we found it was hard for many products to stay on this surface We even tested some high grade marine varnishes for 10 months and found they were still great in certain areas and others had flaked away from the surface causing discolouring of the bamboo.
If you did that and needed to recoat the bamboo surface evenly again, you would have to strip the surface bare again, that’s a lot work. Linseed oil and turps was another product that I use myself and also recommend it, but after going back to jobs and checking the bamboo, I noticed how sticky it would stay and collect dust and grass cuttings, also in certain place it had become moldy and left black spots on the surface.
Bamboo Logistics undertook considerable research and developed the Bamboo Treatment, which is an economical and easy-to-apply solution that keeps the bamboo looking good.
The Bamboo Treatment is professionally package for us 4 litre tins. You can purchase online, we are happy to sell our Bamboo Treatment to anyone, not just those who purchase our products.