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We have many services available to you, including:

Installation Services

We have extensive expertise in installing bamboo panels into any situation. We have developed a number of unique and proven techniques for installing panels, including the development of specialised applications of the product for gates, sheds and pump covers. Please contact us to check for availability in your area.


Full Landscaping solutions

We have a number of landscaping companies with whom we work closely with. By partnering with us, we can help you develop your area into whatever kind of landscape look and feel you are after. Please contact us to check for availability in your area.


Water Features

We have now developed a strong relationship with our overseas partner, and can now supply a large number of water features – all fully installed.
Product sourcing, distribution and fumigation (from Indonesia):
Our experience in Indonesia and being one of the first companies to bring Bamboo Panels into Australia, we have developed a number of key relationships overseas. We have the ability to source specific products from Indonesia, and bring them into Australia.


Door to Door Delivery of Our Products

We have developed a partnership with a national courier company – allowing us to have our products delivered from our warehouse to your door. We also do local deliveries and can also arrange direct pickups from the warehouse.
Bamboo Logistics has been formed as another division of large organisation exporting products from Indonesia. We have access to the whole product range available and with a great sourcing team on the ground we can provide you with the finest product available on market today.
Feel free to contact us – no job is too big or too small!