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At Bamboo Logistics, we are here to help you with any of your Bamboo and Landscaping needs and queries. Below are some of our frequently asked questions – click on the question and you’ll see the answer!

If the answer to your question isn’t here, fell free to contact us.

How often do you need to treat the panels, and how long will they last?
The question should be how long do you want the bamboo to look good? We treat our display panels every three months or so, but because they are display they need to be the best-looking bamboo fence around. It depends on how totally exposed to the weather they are – do they face east or west for example – but with proper capping, installation and treatment your bamboo panels should look sensational for many years.

Do you need to treat the top of the panels?
Yes, it is important to cover the top of the bamboo panels to avoid moisture from rain being absorbed where the bamboo has been cut to length. We have purpose-designed top capping to solve this problem and give a stylish finish.

Do you have the treat the back of the panels?

How do you apply the treatment – is it hard?
The easiest and quickest way is once you have installed the panels, give them a good wash with the hose, remove all saw dust, etc, then allow to dry. For further details on treatment, please click here. Once dry put the treatment into a normal domestic pump sprayer like you use in the garden and apply it on to the bamboo, giving the string a good coat as well to keep it soft.

How do you stop Bamboo Panels from fading?
You can treat them with a solution called Black Bamboo Treatment – click here for further information and to buy some treatment from our online store.