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Contact us or request a quote for Bamboo Fencing Panels. We WILL do deals on multiple/bulk purchases – better pricing on per panel costs and delivery!
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Bamboo Fencing Panels are a very versatile product – it can be used to provide a Bali look to your yard, by covering your current fence, through to being used for Bamboo Garden Edging, covering sheds or pool pumps, Bamboo Privacy Screens or even as part of water features.

We have lead the way in Bamboo Fencing installation – developing unique ways of using Bamboo Panels and the ability to mount the bamboo panels on different types of fences. Bamboo fencing panels can be installed on hardwood fences and colourbond type fences. You can even mount bamboo panels on a skeleton framework or even steel!

Our lengthy research and installations have provided insight into the best products for fixing the panels. You can purchase packs of fixing screws from us, which we have found to be the best for installing the fencing panels.

Bamboo Logistics bamboo fencing panels are mostly used for dressing fences and privacy screening. We also have specially designed single & double screening, with our protective metal framing product used to finish off the bamboo panels. The bamboo capping can (and should!) also be used to protect your bamboo fence panels from the elements – it creates an awesome finish to the fencing.

Our bamboo fencing panels are made from only the highest quality specially selected bamboo pieces.
The fencing panels are available in two sizes:

• 900mm wide and 1800mm high
• 900mm wide and 2100mm high

Our extensive experience in bamboo fencing has shown that lengths above 2100mm generate too many inconsistencies, with lower quality and unsightly gaps between the bamboo slats.

Each bamboo panel is hand-made; each length is first separated into two, down the middle then solidly screwed to a hardwood rail. Each bamboo panel contains 3 hardwood rails – creating our Tri-stabilising system to ensure the fence panels are sturdy and will not twist. This design also gives the appearance that the bamboo pieces are still whole.

The bamboo panels are finished off with a woven twine, which is for decorative purposes only. The real strength of the panel comes from the hardened coated screws in every panel, secured to medium density hardwood rails and disguised behind the twine, to ensure solid and lasting construction.
Due to the strong design characteristics and versatility of the bamboo fencing panels can even use them as a sturdy gate, with minimal bracing as they will not come loose and/or drop over time.